Healthcast: Nutrition

Fuel your body with foods that keep you looking and feeling your best. Our nutrition-savvy experts give you the skinny on staying healthy with mindful nutrition from fighting cancer to managing those extra pounds.

  • Eliminate Fad Diets through Good Nutrition

    Fad diets do not promote sustainable weight loss. Good nutrition -- consuming more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein -- and more exercise keep the spare tire from rolling back. Incorporate these tips from a Northside nutritionist to keep your weight off for good.
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    Nutritional Guidelines for Women and Families

    Women have different nutritional and caloric needs than men. However, a well-balanced and active lifestyle can keep you and your family healthy.
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    Obesity & Nutrition

    A growing epidemic in America, obesity affects people of all ages and socio-economic levels, wreaking havoc on our health. A Northside nutritional expert offers suggestions on how to counter weighty challenges with healthful choices.
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    Cancer & Nutrition

    Did you know that certain cooking methods can increase your risk of cancer? Good nutrition helps in all stages of cancer including prevention, management and recovery.
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    Controlling Type 2 Diabetes with Nutrition

    Type 2 Diabetes affects more than 50 million Americans. Identify the signs and symptoms and learn why nutrition helps manage diabetes.
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    Nutrition & Menopause

    Menopause can affect your body weight, bone health and blood pressure. Good nutrition minimizes menopausal symptoms, making life more enjoyable for you.
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    Nutrition and Pregnancy/Gestational Diabetes

    If you are planning to become pregnant, good nutrition will be essential for your health from pregnancy to delivery. Learn how gestational diabetes impacts pregnancy and children.
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