Healthcast: Sleep

Getting quality sleep keeps your mind, body and spirit in balance. Catch more zzz's tonight with these tips from Northside's Sleep Disorders Center.

  • Sleep & Obesity

    Sleep less, weigh more. Studies show that managing weight is easier when you get enough sleep. You could even be at a higher risk for obesity if you don't get enough sleep. Look and feel your best with these tips for a good night's sleep.
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    Sleep & Holiday Stress

    Holidays can bring travel, work and family time, but little sleep. If you notice you sleep less during the holiday season, you are not alone. Many people sleep less because of added stress and schedule changes.
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    Sleep & Heart

    Getting better sleep can reduce your chance for developing hypertension, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems associated with heart disease. Improve your bedtime routine and stay heart-healthy with advice from a sleep expert.
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    Sleep & Menopause

    Hot flashes may leave you tossing and turning during the night, but maintaining good sleep hygiene can help you wake up refreshed and energized.
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    Drowsy Driving

    Texting, cell phones and alcohol aren't the only driving dangers. Drowsy driving causes one in six fatal accidents in the United States. Recognize the warning signs of this silent killer to keep you and your family safe behind the wheel.
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    Insomnia & Sleep Aids

    Quality sleep improves your mood, metabolism and energy levels. Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 Americans don't get enough shuteye. Stop losing sleep with these suggestions.
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