Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer will affect one in every six men and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American men. At Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, more prostate cancer cases – nearly three times more – have been treated than at any other hospital in Georgia. As with any cancer, early detection is a key component to successful treatment and survival. That is why Northside Hospital has a comprehensive prostate cancer treatment program which offers screening, diagnosis, leading-edge treatment and support.

Northside Hospital is the leading hospital in Georgia for prostate cancer treatment, with successful outcomes beating the national average.  Leading the way in groundbreaking procedures for better outcomes and less invasive treatments, Northside offers a wide range of treatments – from the minimally invasive to the latest advances in robotic surgery.

It’s important to remember that every case of prostate cancer is different and based on the patient’s age, stage of the disease and their doctor’s advice, treatment options will vary.

Northside hosts free prostate cancer screening year round. For more information about dates and locations, go to the Prostate Screenings Page.

Who is at risk?

Prostate cancer is the most common cause of death from cancer in men over age 75. Prostate cancer is rarely found in men younger than 40.

People who are at higher risk include:

  • African-American men, who are also likely to develop cancer at every age
  • Men who are older than 60
  • Men who have a father or brother with prostate cancer

Other people at risk include:

  • Men who have been around agent orange
  • Men who use too much alcohol
  • Farmers
  • Men who eat a diet high in fat, especially animal fat
  • Tire plant workers
  • Painters
  • Men who have been around cadmium

Prostate cancer is less common in people who do not eat meat (vegetarians).

A common problem in almost all men as they grow older is an enlarged prostate. This is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. It does not raise your risk of prostate cancer. However, it can increase your PSA blood test results.

Finding prostate cancer at its early stages can save lives. That is why Northside Hospital Cancer Institute offers free community prostate screenings throughout the year. Northside Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic tests. Options include digital rectal examinations, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) lab tests, transrectal ultrasounds and biopsies.

Our leading-edge Prostate Care Program and highly experienced health care professionals, provide advanced treatments including: robotic prostatectomy, hormone therapy and prostate seed implantation-radiation. 

From trained nurse navigators to support groups, Northside offers multiple support resources for patients who have prostate cancer.

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