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A Woman's Place is specialty boutique specializing in quality maternity and oncology products. Our goal is to help women look and feel their best. Our expertise, customized products and compassionate service provide a unique shopping experience . Patients and caregivers can purchase products they need in a comfortable and discreet environment.  

In addition, A Woman's Place offers specialty products such as aromatherapy, skin care and jewelry. Gift certificates and customizable gift packages are available in store and over the phone.  

Product specialties include: 

Maternity & Lactation

Preparing ahead for motherhood can give you more time to enjoy your baby after delivery. We offer many kinds of maternity products to take you from pregnancy to motherhood.

  • Nursing apparel
  • Prenatal and nursing bras
  • Abdominal/back supports
  • Maternity compression hose
  • Breast pumps
  • Nursing pillows
  • Nursing aids
  • Lactation Consultants

Lactation Support

“Without the practical help and emotional support of the Northside Lactation Consultants, I would have given up breastfeeding after two weeks. They gave me a range of workable strategies and were always encouraging, capable and knowledgeable.”

Many women choose to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is often a learned skill. Our lactation consultants bring knowledge and expertise about breast feeding. Call our free advice line (404) 303-3329 for breastfeeding questions. One of our certified lactation consultants can help answer your questions.  You can also schedule an outpatient consultation.
In addition, A Woman's Place offers breast-feeding supplies and comfortable nursing clothes to help you during this special time. Many of our products are enhanced by a custom fitting. We strongly encourage women to call and make an appointment for consultation.


Cancer treatment can cause many changes in a woman's body. Our specially trained staff will help you find items that give comfort and confidence without sacrificing style.

Oncology Products Available

  • Mastectomy full forms
  • Lumpectomy partial forms
  • Compression garments
  • Wigs (Atlanta location only)
  • Scarves/hats
  • Skin care products

Wigs & Accessories

Women undergoing chemotherapy may lose their hair. We can customize a wig in color and shape to compliment your natural look. Some patients prefer to have their cut in advance. A Woman's Place offers this service to help you prepare in advance. From attractive scarves to stylish hats, we have many products to choose from.

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Breast cancer patients can find many options for non-surgical replacement, including custom breast prosthesis. Custom breast prosthesis uses a breakthrough technology to mirror the existing breast. Ready-to-wear and attachable breast forms also provide symmetry and balance.

Compression Therapy

Abnormal swelling can occur in the arm as a side effect of surgery. This swelling is known as lymphedema and may require a compression product or garment. Made out of tight, stretchy material, compression products relieve swelling and prevent fluid accumulation in the arms and legs.  A Woman’s Place offers a variety of compression products including sleeves, gloves and hosiery. Patients can consult with an expert fitter on site to ensure the best results. 

Support for the Journey

We encourage women to access Northside’s support services through the Network of Hope, Breast Health Coordinators and ChemoChic (Georgia Cancer Foundation). We want to connect you to resources that will help make life with cancer a little less scary.

In addition, A Woman's Place offers specialty products such as aromatherapy, skin care and jewelry. Gift certificates and customizable gift packages are available in store and over the phone.

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