Health Tips

October 1

A Memo About Your Mammogram.

Don’t skip screening! National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder to get a mammogram, starting at age 40.

October 2

Get Physical (Therapy).

Don’t live with joint pain or immobility. Honor National Physical Therapy Month by seeing a therapist to get moving.

October 3

Shoot Down the Flu.

It’s that time of year again: Flu season in the U.S. can arrive as early as October, so get your shot now.

October 4

Get a Taste of Fall.

Already missing your summer produce? Fall has plenty to offer. Get your fill of squash, pumpkin and more.

October 5

“Back to Sleep” Helps Prevent SIDS.

It’s SIDS Awareness Month. Do all you can to prevent it, starting with placing your child on its back or side to sleep.

October 6

Get Help. Get Screened.

It’s National Depression Screening Day. If you or someone you love is struggling, get help by getting screened.

October 7

Beat the Sneezin’ This Season.

Don’t let fall allergies keep you from enjoying time in nature. Try over-the-counter meds, or see your MD for relief.

October 8

Sound the Alarm.

Let fall serve as a reminder to check/replace carbon monoxide batteries (2X a year) and replace smoke alarm batteries.

October 9

Be a Happy (and Warm) Camper.

Planning a campout? Stay warm and dry with appropriate clothing and put a plastic ground cloth under your tent.

October 10

Stay Hydrated for Immunity.

It’s easy to get dehydrated without noticing. Drink lots of water to boost your immunity and fight illness like the flu.

October 11

When Antibiotics Aren’t the Answer.

Antibiotics fight bacterial infections, but don’t work on colds or flu. See your MD to get proper care when you’re sick.

October 12

Do Your Arthritis a World of Good.

It’s World Arthritis Day. If you’re suffering with joint pain and not getting relief, see your MD for help.

October 13

Get Your Joints Jumping.

It’s Bone and Joint Health Action Week. Protect yours against osteoporosis with regular exercise like walking.

October 14

Carve Carefully.

Make jack-o-lantern carving safer by using a kit designed specifically for it—and plenty of adult supervision.

October 15

Get a Shot, Skip the Mist.

Don’t go with a nasal mist for flu protection in 2016-17, according to the CDC. This year, they recommend a shot instead.

October 16

Sun Safety Has No Season.

Summer may be over, but your skin still needs protection. Wear an SPF and safeguard your skin through fall and winter.

October 17

Enjoy a Seed-y Snack.

Don’t just toss the seeds when you carve your pumpkin. Roast them! A half-cup of pumpkin seeds makes a healthy snack.

October 18

Take a Load Off Your Joints.

Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Losing weight not only improves your health but relieves joint stress, too.

October 19

Prevent Pink Eye.

Stop pink eye with two key tips: Always wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes when you haven’t washed up.

October 20

Do Your Part to Fight Osteoporosis.

It’s World Osteoporosis Day. Safeguard your bones with exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

October 21

Use Your Rake and Feel the Burn.

Mix up your workout routine this fall and cross a chore off your list: Raking leaves burns about 330 calories per hour.

October 22

Your Best Shot to Avoid the Flu.

Recent studies show the flu vaccine can cut your risk of illness by about 50-60 percent. Get your shot today!

October 23

Get Outside for Your Health.

Spending time outdoors boosts your vitamin D, improves mood and may even help with concentration and faster healing.

October 24

Light Your Pumpkin Safely.

Candles in your jack-o-lantern are a fire hazard. Choose nonflammable lights like glow sticks instead.

October 25

Did You Get Your Mammogram?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be almost over, but there’s still time to schedule your mammogram. Do it today!

October 26

Be a Fan of Healthy Eating.

Don’t let game day turn into a junk food fest. Trade in your chips and dips for veggies and Greek yogurt.
General Tip

October 27

Don’t Be Tricked by Treats.

If you haven’t picked up any Halloween candy yet, don’t. Wait until Halloween to avoid the temptation to treat yourself.
General Tip

October 28

Fight the Flu with Food.

Probiotics like yogurt and kefir help boost your immune system and may help fight cold and flu. Enjoy some today!.

October 29

Get Therapy for Back Pain.

Got back pain? Studies show physical therapy may be equal to surgery for degenerative disk disease. See a therapist.

October 30

Give Them a Halloween Glow.

Is your child’s Halloween costume safe? Help ensure they’ll be seen in the dark by adding reflective tape as needed.

October 31

See—and Be Seen.

Trick-or-treating tonight? Be sure you and your kiddos carry flashlights to light your path and be visible to others.


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