Health Tips

September 1

Take Charge of Cholesterol.

It’s National Cholesterol Education Awareness Month. Safeguard your health by knowing your numbers through testing.

September 2

Safe on the Field.

If your child is playing sports, help them stay safe by reporting any signs of pain to you or their coach.

September 3

Roll Back Your Diabetes Risk.

Research shows 15 to 30% of people with prediabetes will have type 2 diabetes within 5 years. Take steps to cut your risk.

September 4

Don’t Text and Walk.

Here’s a new back-to-school tip to remind your kids about, thanks to the digital age: Put your phone down and look up.

September 5

Go Fish—and Grill It Up.

Lighten up your Labor Day cookout by grilling salmon vs. burgers. Season it simply with fresh lemon and dill.

September 6

Do You Care Too Much?

Does everyone expect you to step up as a caregiver but no one asks? Beat caregiver stress by taking care of you.

September 7

Lighten a Heavy Load.

As your child heads back to school, be sure their backpack doesn’t weigh them down—no heavier than 10% of their body weight.

September 8

Eat a Rainbow.

In honor of Fruit & Veggie Month, aim to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables by consuming a colorful selection every day.

September 9

Readjust to Back-to-School Traffic.

Back to school means increased traffic. Take extra care to watch for buses and never pass a car stopped for pedestrians.

September 10

Say No to Rolling Backpacks.

Wheeled backpacks seem like a solution for heavy loads, but skip it: Experts don’t recommend them due to tripping hazards.

September 11

Be Their Healthy Hero.

What’s the best way to get kids to eat their veggies? Set a good example, by modeling a healthy diet of your own.

September 12

Put a Cap on Your Stroke Risk.

Excessive alcohol intake increases your stroke risk. Cut your odds limiting yours—just one drink for women and two for men.

September 13

A Feast for Your Eyes.

A healthy diet is essential for eye health. Feed yours with colorful produce and foods high in omega-3s, like salmon.

September 14

Say (Lower Fat) Cheese!

You don’t have to give up cheese to cut fat. Choose lower fat options like part-skim mozzarella or reduced-fat feta.

September 15

Hydrate Your Routine.

Stay hydrated by drinking 1 pint 15 minutes before activity, another after and more every 20 minutes during a workout.

September 16

Calcium without the Cow.

Do you eschew dairy? Get the calcium you need from sources like broccoli, beans and leafy greens.

September 17

Soothe Away Your Stress.

Craving a new way to relax? Try techniques that calm your mind as well as your body, like meditation, yoga and tai chi.

September 18

Be on Alert for Bicycles.

The start of a new school year means bikes are back in full force. Always check side mirrors before opening your car door.

September 19

Have Your Say with Sodium.

What’s the best way to keep a handle on your sodium intake? Prepare most of your meals at home, so you’re in control.

September 20

Boosting Omega-3s with Eggs.

You can up your intake of omega-3s by eating eggs from chickens fed more omega-3s. Check your carton label for details.

September 21

Scale Back on Seasonal Sports.

Help your child avoid overuse injuries, by limiting the number of team sports they child play in a single season.

September 22

Take It from the Top.

Slim down your cold leftover soup or stew by skimming the fat from the top before you reheat it.

September 23

Don’t Just Live with Chronic Pain.

It’s National Pain Awareness Month. If you suffer with chronic pain, get help from your doctor or see a pain specialist.

September 24

Grains of Greatness.

Boost your whole grain intake by making half the grains you eat whole grains like steel-cut oatmeal, quinoa and popcorn.

September 25

Walk On.

Feeling stressed? Hit the trail: 30 minutes of walking per day helps improve your mood and decreases stress.

September 26

Boosting Your Vitamin D.

How can you ensure you’re getting the vitamin D you need without regular sun exposure? Consider taking a supplement.

September 27

Food Is Not Love.

Help your kids have a healthy relationship with food: Show your love through hugs, talks and attention, not baked treats.

September 28

Healthy Advice for Caregivers.

Caregiving can take a toll on your health, from depression to obesity. To keep caring for others, put your health first.

September 29

Sidestep Sciatica.

Lower back pain paired with sharp, burning pain that emanates from your hip could spell sciatica. See your MD for testing.

September 30

Labels Matter (Read Them).

Take charge of your diet: Be a label reader. You’ll learn what’s really in your food and how much you should be eating.


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