Health Tips

April 1

Get Kids Moving.

To keep your kids healthy, get them moving. The benefits are endless, from boosting their muscles and bones to heart health.

April 2

Make Time for Meditation.

A few minutes of meditation each day can help lower stress—and your risk of cardiovascular disease.

April 3

Don’t Rely on the Sun for Vitamin D.

Safeguard your skin and get vitamin D safely via a balanced diet and supplements if needed—not from sun exposure.

April 4

Swim for Better Bone Health.

Up for a swim? Aquatic exercise can boost and maintain bone health in post-menopausal women.

April 5

More Sleep, Less Munching.

Sleep well: Not getting enough could cause you to eat more than 300 extra calories than if you’d gotten your zzzz.

April 6

Put an End to Binge Drinking.

Concerned about your drinking habits? Get screened in honor of National Alcohol Screening Day.

April 7

It’s World Health Day.

This year’s World Health Day focus is depression, a serious issue that effects many. Reach out for help if you need it.

April 8

Spin Your Wheels Safely.

Bike to work safely during National Bike Month: single-file with the traffic, watching for hazards like open car doors.

April 9

A Stroke Can Strike Anytime.

Someone dies from a stroke every four minutes in the U.S. Learn your risks and how to spot a stroke.

April 10

Let Your Cares Float Away.

Did you know aquatic exercise can provide a mood boost for both men and women? Everybody in the pool!

April 11

Mushrooms Make It Better.

Make meat dishes like burgers, meatballs and meatloaf healthier by swapping half the meat with chopped mushrooms.

April 12

Safeguard Your Sight.

Playing sports accounts for around 100,000 eye injuries per year. When you play, wear eye protection.

April 13

Menopause Can Pause Your Sleep.

Sleeping problems like hot flashes and insomnia are common during menopause. See an MD if you’re having trouble.

April 14

Moving Meditation.

You don’t have to sit to meditate: Try tai chi and yoga for gentle movements, mindfulness and deep breathing.

April 15

Build a Healthier Basket.

Getting ready for Easter? Lighten up those baskets with healthier treats, like fruit and veggies cut into bunny shapes.

April 16

Make Easter More Colorful.

Enjoy a lighter and more vibrant Easter dinner by adding colorful seasonal veggies to salads and side dishes.

April 17

Get Eggcited About Easter Leftovers.

Hardboiled eggs are pack with protein. Put those Easter eggs to work in your lunchtime salad or for breakfast on the go.

April 18

See Clearly for a Lifetime.

In recognition of Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month, make an appointment to see your MD for an eye exam.

April 19

Outmaneuver Your Stress.

You can’t always beat stress, but sometimes you can avoid it, like leaving early for work to avoid the stress of traffic.

April  20

Cover Up to Fight Skin Cancer.

As you head back in the sun this spring, cover your head—and the rest of you—to help safeguard your skin against cancer.

April 21


Did you know that more women suffer from strokes each year than men—55,000 more in fact. Learn your risks.

April 22

A Shot of Prevention.

In recognition of National Infant Immunization Week, make sure your bundle of joy’s vaccine records are up-to-date.

April 23

Sleep Tight.

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week. Are you getting the sleep you need? Make an effort to get your zzzz!

April 24

Turn Down The Flames.

Cooking at high temps can increase inflammation in your body. Steam and braise food like meat vs grilling it sometimes.

April 25

Season for Sneezes.

Spring allergies 1 - Prevention.

April 26

Beat the Big 3.

Want three big reasons to get your weigh in check? It cuts your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

April 27

Be Awake for Spring Break.

Experiencing jet lag on spring break? Seek sunlight when possible to help regulate your biological clock.

April 28

Just Shred It.

Work more veggies into your meals by grating them into your favorite meals and recipes.

April 29

Move Against Stroke.

Regular exercise makes you five times less likely to suffer a stroke. Get moving and start lowering your risk.

April 30

Reduce Your Odds Against Diabetes.

Want to cut your diabetes risk? Exercise and weight loss can prevent or delay its onset.


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