Along with leading edge technologies and treatment, Northside provides compassionate and personalized care for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. 


Surgery is the first line of defense against most breast cancers. Each type of breast cancer must be evaluated in terms of its unique features to determine which surgery is best for you.

Northside’s highly-skilled surgeons are internationally recognized for their expertise in breast cancer. Not only do they use the latest and most advanced surgical techniques, but they are educators to other surgeons around the world. More surgeries are performed at Northside Hospital-Atlanta than any other hospital in Atlanta, and we have recently expanded our surgical services at our Forsyth and Cherokee hospitals. Northside Hospital is one of few hospitals in the country to develop a dedicated Breast Care Surgery Suite, providing patients with privacy and comfort, while affording them access to a team of skilled breast specialists in surgery, radiology, pathology and oncology.

Northside surgeons perform a wide range of procedures including breast conserving techniques, which removes the tumor and some breast tissues, to mastectomies – which removes the entire breast, and a variety of breast reconstruction methods.  


Radiation therapy uses high energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells and prevent cancer from returning. Northside has radiation therapy centers in multiple locations to make receiving treatment more convenient. Each center is staffed by radiation therapists, a medical physicist, a medical dosimetrist, registered nurses and support staff.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) – This advanced form of 3D radiation therapy aims radiation beams from several directions and modulates the strength of the beams, minimizing the dose of radiation reaching normal tissue while delivering a uniformly high dose to the cancer. For more information about our radiation therapy services, call (404) 851-8850.


Chemotherapy, or “chemo” uses medication to destroy cancer cells by stopping growth. For treatment of breast cancer, your Northside Hospital physician may recommend you have chemotherapy before surgery to shrink a tumor; after surgery to reduce the chance of it spreading; or as treatment for a cancer that has recurred.

At Northside, chemotherapy is provided on an outpatient basis by registered nurses who are certified in chemotherapy administration.

For many women undergoing chemotherapy, a major concern is the loss of hair. Northside’s speciality boutique, A Woman’s Place, will help customize your look with a stylish wig, hat or turban should you need it.

Lymphedema Management Program

Women who have undergone surgery or radiation therapy have access to our Lymphedema Management Program, if necessary, for post-surgical treatment. For more information about the Lymphedema Management Program, call (404) 851-8912.

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