Prostate Cancer Support


Even beyond offering advanced treatment options and expert medical care, Northside Hospital also offers support, rehabilitation, biofeedback and impotence control programs to ensure that once you have beaten your cancer, you enjoy continued health and peace of mind.

Prostate Nurse Navigator 
Prostate cancer patients have a nurse specially trained to assist from diagnosis through treatment. These nurse navigators work with radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologist and other specialists to coordinate a patient's treatment plan in addition to:

  • Helping understand specific diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Having educational materials available to patients and their family
  • Answering questions through a patient's journey
  • Scheduling appointments as needed
  • Ensuring that a patient's case has a team-based approach
  • Providing support for a patient's physical, spiritual and emotional care

Network of Hope

When facing cancer, patients need a special kind of support -- support that can only come from someone who knows what they are going through, someone who has been through it themselves. The Network of Hope connects patients with survivors who have faced cancer and embraced life afterward.

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