Nurse Navigators

A cancer diagnosis is challenging and can cause great uncertainty for patients and their loved ones. Patients want and need someone to turn to who can answer their questions, helping them overcome the challenges they face during this difficult time. Northside Hospital provides this support through the Nurse Navigator Program. As part of Northside’s Cancer Institute, nurse navigators are available to ensure that patients receive care and have access to needed resources in a timely and efficient manner.

What is a Nurse Navigator?

A nurse navigator is a registered nurse with specialized training in oncology. The navigator possesses extensive knowledge of cancer and the healthcare system, and guides patients and their families through the entire medical process from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Our navigators provide education, coordinate care and serve as a trusted resource for patients and their families.

What Nurse Navigators Provide:

• Clinical education and printed materials to help patients understand their diagnosis
• Referrals to appropriate social and supportive services at Northside and in the community
• Facilitation for communicating with physicians and other care providers
• Emotional support and referrals to one-on-one counseling services and group therapy support
• Resources to resolve communication barriers, transportation issues and financial difficulties
• Services and resources for the patient’s family

Do you need help getting the cancer care you need?

A nurse navigator is here for you to ensure you get the support and help you need. We want to make sure you receive the best care possible. The Nurse Navigator Program is a free confidential resource to patients.

For more information, contact (404) 300-2800 or

For information call (404) 300-2800

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