Maternity Education

Northside Hospital offers two exciting options for you to access valuable maternity-related information.

Online Pregnancy Central
This tool answers the most commonly asked questions about pregnancy and childbirth. You will have access to activities, movies, images, animations and presentations.

Topics include:

  • Before You Get Pregnant
  • Staying Healthy During Pregnancy
  • Nine Month Miracle
  • Special Care Pregnancies
  • Your Baby’s First Weeks

Maternity Classes and Tours
Northside also offers numerous childbirth and parenting classes throughout the North Metro Atlanta. All classes are taught by certified and/or licensed instructors and health care professionals. Class sizes are small to increase the personalized attention you will receive. Northside can help you prepare for your new beginnings and make the most important decisions - from selecting the right classes to choosing a doctor and a hospital where your baby will be born. We have you covered at each step of the way. 

Register for a tour to become familiar with where to go and what to expect when you come to the hospital in labor.

Browse our class and tour options. Convenient dates, times and locations, as well as package discounts are available.  Register online or over the phone by calling (404) 845-5555.

 Maternity Classes and Tours

Convenient dates, times, locations, as well as package discounts.  Register online or over the phone by calling (404) 845-5555.

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