Oncology Patient Navigation

“I don’t understand my diagnosis? Can you help me?”

“Who do I talk to about joining a support group?”

“What types of services are offered at Northside?”

These are some of the questions you might have after you learn of your cancer diagnosis and throughout your treatment. A cancer diagnosis is challenging and can cause great uncertainty for you and your loved ones. Northside Hospital provides this support through our Oncology Patient Navigation Program, offered free of charge for patients who are interested. As part of the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, the members of the Navigation team work together and are available to help offer the guidance and support that is needed to navigate treatments, services and other obstacles to care.

The Oncology Patient Navigation Team is made up of:

Oncology Nurse Navigator

An Oncology Nurse Navigator (ONN) is a registered nurse with extensive knowledge and training in oncology. The ONN serves as a personal resource by: 

  • Providing clinical information and education
  • Answering questions about diagnosis, treatments and any side effects experienced
  • Starting and helping along communication between the patient and their care team
  • Providing access to emotional and psychological support, including referrals to the right counseling services and support groups
  • Monitoring your health and overall treatment progress\

 We are ready to give you the support you need. Our services are confidential and available at no cost to you or your insurance company. Our team is available to help.

(404) 300-2800


Keeping cancer patients on course: How oncology nurse navigators coordinate care along the way


Cancer Care Liaison

A Cancer Care Liaison (CCL) is a non-clinical member of the Oncology Patient Navigation Team who has been trained to work with patients and their families. The CCL assist the Oncology Nurse Navigator by:

  • Identifying concerns
  • Providing referrals to the right support services
  • Introducing you to services and activities that will benefit you during and after treatment

American Cancer Society Patient Resource Navigator

An American Cancer Society Patient Resource Navigator is professionally trained to guide patients through the services provided by the oldest and largest cancer organization in the country. The ACS Patient Resource Navigator helps by: 

  • Providing information and materials on coping with illness and treatment
  • Referring you to support groups, classes and community resources
  • Helping to find resources for financial assistance, medication needs, home health care, transportation, and other concerns.


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