Northside Hospital - Mom of NICU twins shares her pregnancy journey

Mom of NICU twins shares her pregnancy journey

Posted on: July 17, 2019


Twenty-two weeks into her pregnancy, Jourdan Adams began experiencing contractions. It was early summer of 2018, and Jourdan had so far experienced a normal pregnancy with her twin boys. After feeling such early contractions, she immediately went to the hospital for a checkup. When nothing presented itself as unusual, the physicians advised her to rest at home.

The next day she started having regular contractions every 10 minutes. Jourdan, who is a medical assistant at Cherokee Women’s Health Specialists, is in a unique situation with her boss also being her doctor. Dr. Peahen Gandhi recommended Jourdan check in to Northside Hospital Cherokee to monitor her contractions. Jourdan spent two days at Northside Hospital Cherokee, where doctors gave her medicine to help control the contractions. They then advised she head home to rest, but also increase the frequency of her visits with Dr. Gandhi to help catch these complications as soon as possible.

About five weeks later, Jourdan was at one of her regular visits at Cherokee Women's Health Specialists, when a nurse discovered she was dilated and contracting nearly every five minutes. As a result, Dr. Gandhi had Jourdan transported to Northside Hospital Cherokee. But when the contractions still wouldn’t stop, Jourdan was sent via ambulance to Northside Hospital Atlanta, where she stayed for a week until her contractions subsided.

I was in and out of the hospital so much during my pregnancy that I had to completely upend my schedule,” she said. “I was even going to reschedule my baby shower in August while I was being monitored at the hospital for three days, but the nurses at Cherokee let me have one in my hospital room. They even went as far as to clean and decorate my room for me, which I’ll never forget.”

Finally, 33 weeks into her pregnancy, Jourdan experienced contractions at her home and was rushed to Northside Hospital Cherokee yet again.

I knew this time it was the real thing,” she said.

On the evening of August 24, 2018, Jourdan and her husband welcomed twin boys Briar and Wyatt, to the world.

After three weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Northside Hospital Cherokee, both boys came home. Today, the healthy twins are almost a year old.

While Jourdan describes her pregnancy as a whirlwind - totaling five hospital stays across 16 days - she is forever grateful to Northside and their staff.

I cannot say enough about the nurses in the NICU,” Jourdan said. “They were angels to us. They took care of us and the boys. They held us together.”

Jourdan says her pregnancy gave her a new perspective as a medical assistant. She continues to share her story with the NICU community, as her family was selected as the Northside Hospital Cherokee March of Dimes Ambassador for 2019.

I’m so proud to be a March of Dimes Ambassador,” she said. “I’m able to support mothers going through similar situations, and let them know they are in great hands at Northside.”

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