Liver and Pancreas Surgery

ATLANTA Medicine: Surgery of the liver and pancreas has progressed tremendously in recent years. Advances in nonsurgical treatments are paralleled and, in some cases, outpaced by surgical advances to problems impacting the hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) tract, leading to growth in the population of patients with (benign and malignant) diseases of the liver and pancreas that benefit from surgery. 

Complex GI surgery in general and HPB surgery in particular requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. The use of technology is not enough to assure optimal outcome; rather, careful assessment, patient preparation/patient education and evaluation by experienced clinicians followed by proper application of therapies in an optimal sequence enable application of sophisticated surgical techniques and new technology, leading to efficient recovery and the best possible results. 

There are several key surgical advances, when delivered in an organized, multidisciplinary program setting, that have expanded the population of patients who can undergo potentially curative surgical therapy for a range of HPB disorders involving these organs.

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Dr. Abdalla is known for his work in major, extensive liver resection, liver enhancement allowing safer major liver surgery with portal vein embolization, expanding the population of patients with multiple and bilateral liver tumors to undergo safe surgery, and the interactions between surgery and chemotherapy. He has published his research extensively, with well over 150 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, over 20 book chapters, and hundreds of abstracts and presentations. 

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