Women's Center celebrates 10 years at Northside Hospital Forsyth

Northside Hospital Forsyth has been the site of many births over the last decade, but the hospital is getting ready for a big birthday of its own.

Monday will mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Northside Hospital Forsyth Women’s Center, which opened to the public on Aug. 6, 2008.

Women’s Center Manager Melissa Sugg, who has been in the role since the facility opened, said the opening was “terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.”

It’s a little surreal,” she said. “I think we feel like the time has flown by, but then when we think about the first babies born that were born 10 years ago are 10 years old … that’s kind of like ‘wow, the time has flown.’”

Monday also marks the 10th birthday for Hudson Lee Bickers, the first baby born in the women’s center. Hudson was born at 7:44 a.m. the day the center opened at 20 inches long and 7 pounds, 15 inches long.

It was a great experience, overall. We were treated like royalty, basically. We walked in with just an open-arms greeting, and from there, everything was just smooth sailing,” said his mother, Allyson Bickers. “Being the only ones there, everyone was kind of in the room when he was delivered and just kind of made a big deal out of it and treated us great. We had no issues, and really it was a smooth process.”

Bickers said Hudson thinks his special designation is “pretty neat” and loves seeing a framed Forsyth County News article highlighting his birth.

Read the full article from the Forsyth County News.

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