Northside Hospital Auxiliary marks 50th anniversary

Last active charter member reflects on group’s start, legacy.

Rosemary Fox has held many hospital auxiliary-related leadership positions, from chair of the America Hospital Association's Committee on Volunteers to the State Council of Auxiliaries to the Northside Hospital Auxiliary.

However, the Roswell resident has another distinction, which she has somewhat mixed feelings about. She is the last active charter member of the Northside Auxiliary, which serves Northside’s Sandy Springs hospital and is turning 50 this year.

We started the auxiliary with 25 members (in 1969) and expanded to 292 members, 100 in full uniform, when the hospital opened in 1970,” she said of the group, which was founded March 19, 1969. “We have grown to the point where the auxiliary now works to provide more than 30 services throughout the hospital and we now have more than 300 auxiliary members.”

Fox and her family moved from White Plains. New York, to Sandy Springs in 1965, and today she is a widow with four children and seven grandchildren. According to Fox, prior to Northside’s opening, there were no medical facilities within 15 miles of Sandy Springs, despite the city’s growth in business and population.

When we heard (Fulton County) officials were thinking about putting a hospital in our area, we were elated, and numerous people were happy to join the auxiliary when they heard one was forming for the Northside Hospital,” Fox said. “

The auxiliary had expanded to 100 members when the hospital opened in 1970 and now have more than 300.”

The group was called the Pink Ladies when it started because it was all-female and its members wore pink uniforms. In 1972 the organization started accepting men as members and, as a result, changed its name to the Northside Hospital Auxiliary. Today about 20% of its members are men.

Read the full story from the Northside Neighbor.

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