Northside Hospital partners with IMPACT Melanoma to raise awareness of skin cancer

Northside Hospital is partnering with IMPACT Melanoma to install sunscreen dispensers and engage youth campers at Dunwoody Nature Center.

IMPACT Melanoma, a national non-profit organization dedicated to working to reduce the incidence of melanoma, is pleased to announce their partnership with Northside Hospital and the Dunwoody Nature Center to install sunscreen dispensers throughout Dunwoody’s grounds and work on skincare awareness initiatives with summer campers. The dispensers and educational services are a working piece of IMPACT’s Practice Safe Skin program which is geared towards skin cancer awareness through engaging activities and applicable preventative tools such as their automatic sunscreen dispensing units.

Thanks to a generous grant from Northside Hospital, IMPACT is able to install 3 sunscreen dispensers and initiate a skincare and wellness program (including the distribution of fun, explorative educational CampKits to more than 900 summer camp attendees) throughout Dunwoody Nature Center.

"The Dunwoody Nature Center is proud to partner with Impact Melanoma by providing free sunscreen to our visitors,” said Michael Cowan, Executive Director of Dunwoody Nature Center. “The sunscreen dispensers placed throughout the park will increase awareness of the importance of sun safety and help develop good habits that will reduce the prevalence of skin cancer. Special thanks to Northside Hospital for the generous grant that makes this partnership possible."

More skin cancers are diagnosed in the United States each year than all other cancers combined. Wearing sunscreen is one of the simplest things we can do to protect our skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays,” said Juliet Weaver, manager of Northside Hospital Melanoma & Sarcoma Program. “Northside Hospital is honored to partner with the Dunwoody Nature Center and IMPACT Melanoma to raise awareness of the importance of sun safety so that we all can enjoy being outside – cancer free.”

We’re so pleased to be working with such community-minded organizations such as Northside Hospital and Dunwoody Nature Center,” said Amber Ostrej, Ambassador of IMPACT Melanoma’s Atlanta Chapter. “I’m ecstatic that we’ve been granted the opportunity to install these dispensers at Dunwoody Nature Center and educate their camper community about the importance of sun safety and utilizing these tools as a means of ensuring proper skincare. A huge heartfelt thanks to Northside for making this possible! Together we’re all making a great impact with this initiative!

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