Northside's Dr. Kent Holland speaks about the benefits of convalescent plasma in patients battling COVID-19


Plasma infusion saves the life of man battling COVID-19

Dr. H. Kent Holland, medical director of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at Northside Hospital, recently spoke to CBS46 about how plasma taken from those who have survived COVID-19 can help those now fighting the virus.


“People who have been infected with a viral infection have the ability to create antibodies that can give them lifelong immunity to the infection,” Dr. Kent Holland said.

Dr. Kent Holland of Northside Hospital said in plasma infusion, doctor’s take antibodies from someone who survived the virus and place them directly in the patient’s body.

“We can immediately give them immunity and those antibodies from the plasma donation will last about a month until the person can make their own antibodies,” Dr. Holland explained.

Dr. Holland said 40 to 50 people a week are now receiving the procedure here at Northside Hospital.

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