Northside Hospital Cardiovascular Institute welcomes Dr. Heval Kelli to Lawrenceville

northside network providers Dr. Heval M. Kelli is a board-certified physician in internal medicine and specializes in general non-invasive cardiology and preventive cardiology. He has extensively published and presented with a focus on preventive cardiology, both nationally and internationally, utilizing mobile health technologies to bring health education and care to his patients.

Dr. Kelli is committed to understanding his patients’ concerns and using every patient encounter as an opportunity to provide care and learn about their background and personal story.

After his family was welcomed to the United States as Kurdish refugees in 2001, Dr. Kelli says many Americans invested in his success, and he is now privileged to give back through medicine.

"Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world and we also know that we can prevent progression of disease through preventive therapies and education," said Dr. Kelli. "One of the main reasons I went into medicine is to give back to the community and our country... it is my passion to advance the cardiovascular care in our communities while inspiring the next generations of health care providers through mentorship and community service."

Dr. Kelli lives in Gwinnett County and sees patients at Northside Hospital Cardiovascular Institute's Lawrenceville location at 721 Wellness Way, Suite 210.

To schedule an appointment call 404-962-6000, or for more information visit
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