All imaging centers within the Northside Hospital system that provide mammography services, as well as Northside's ScreenAtlanta mobile mammography van, now offer the most advanced digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography. 

Women who schedule a mammogram have the latest screening and diagnostic technology available to them. Over the past year, Northside has made a significant investment in the health and comfort of its patients by installing the latest mammography equipment with 3D and high definition imaging, as well as a more comfortable “flex paddle.” Northside is the first large hospital system in the southeast to offer this level of technology.

The technology offers 60% shorter “compression” time, taking less than four seconds, and the flexible compression paddles are curved to fit the shape of women’s breasts. Ninety-three percent of women who tried this new system reported little or no discomfort during their exams.

Until now, getting a combination of 3D images and high-resolution 2D images required more time and more radiation. With Northside’s new 3D High Definition system, the radiation dose is cut almost in half, while still providing doctors with the sharp, high resolution images needed to find subtle and early breast cancers.

Northside was the first hospital in Atlanta to offer 3D mammography, offering it at its Atlanta Breast Care Center in September 2011. This advanced technology is available at all of Northside’s breast imaging locations – 28 sites throughout metro Atlanta – with readily available appointment times, including early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments. The technology is also available on the ScreenAtlanta mobile mammography van, which delivers Northside’s screening, outreach and education services directly to communities.

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