Hello World! Northside delivers new maternity campaign

maternity-hero-holidays-791x500Northside Hospital is excited to announce a new digitally focused marketing campaign to promote the health system’s nationally recognized maternity services. 

Launched Dec. 9, Hello World! curates warm and inspiring maternity stories from Northside patients, providers and caregivers across the health care system. Primarily amplified through Northside’s social, podcast and streaming channels, the campaign aims to celebrate the long history of expert and compassionate maternity care that is uniquely Northside. 

“This season is the ideal time to express our gratitude for the dedication and commitment of our maternity colleagues and celebrate new beginnings and brighter days ahead for all of our Northside families. We are honored to share the journeys of so many women in our community and hope they will comfort, inspire and empower the women of Georgia.”

                                                                                 - Suzanne S. Reitz, director of marketing

In 2019, 15,414 babies were born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, more than any other single hospital in the United States. Across the Northside system, more than 25,000 babies were born at Northside hospitals last year.

hello world maternity marketing podcast patientAmong the campaign’s highlights is Maternity Moments, a new podcast series featuring conversations between Northside mothers and their doctors about the relationships they’ve built. 

S1E1 // Nine weeks early meant she was going to be a fighter
The first time she became a mom, Kelli Ledford didn’t know she was going to have a difficult pregnancy. Five years later when she prepared to have her second child, Ledford developed a close bond with her OB/Gyn, Dr. Melanie Watkins. They stayed in touch, especially when preeclampsia forced Ledford into the hospital nine weeks before her due date. 

Click hear for the latest episode of Maternity Moments or to find other maternity resources.

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