Dr. Elan Golan of Northside Orthopedic Specialists in Snellville now offers Matrix-induced Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) as an alternative treatment option for patients with knee pain.

Millions of people each year visit the doctor’s office because of knee pain. Many of these patients suffer damage to their knee cartilage due to repetitive injuries or acute or traumatic events. Unlike other tissues, cartilage does not repair itself, causing pain and restricting mobility.

MACI cartilage repair knee painMACI is an alternative to other surgical treatments for knee cartilage damage. The procedure involves harvesting a patient’s own cartilage cells and regrowing them in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed laboratory to create durable repair tissue, and then implanting the tissue into the patient to repair the cartilage damage.

“The MACI procedure has significantly expanded our ability to treat cartilage injuries," said Dr. Golan. "Supported by years of clinical research, and with the backing of the FDA, patients now have the option to use their own custom-grown cells to address cartilage loss.”

MACI can provide long‐lasting pain relief, improve a patient's overall function, and safely return them to the activities they enjoy in as few as six months. Dr. Golan is the only provider in east metro Atlanta to offer the procedure.

To learn more about this procedure visit, or call 678-344-4944 to see if you are a candidate.

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