Northside announces newest providers and physician practice locations

Northside Hospital is committed to expanding access to leading health care across Georgia. The health system announces the following network updates.

Clayton County

Atlanta Cancer Care in Jonesboro moving June 22
Atlanta Cancer Care is moving its Lake Spivey/Jonesboro office. Beginning June 22, Drs. Gurinderjit Sidhu and Lijo Simpson will see patients at their new location at 1050 Eagles Landing Parkway, Suite 302, Stockbridge, GA 30281. Learn more at:


Northside Thoracic Surgery's Dr. G. Andrew Helms seeing patients in Marietta
Dr. G. Andrew Helms began seeing patients June 9 at a new Northside Thoracic Surgery satellite office in Marietta, located at 780 Canton Road NE, Suite 320. He continues to also see patients at Northside Thoracic Surgery's offices in Canton and Blairsville.

Dr. Helms is a board-certified thoracic surgeon with over a decade of extensive experience performing minimally invasive thoracoscopic procedures including, lung resections, decortications, as well as robotic-assisted mediastinal surgery and esophagectomies. He specializes in treating patients with lung cancer, empyemas, spontaneous pneumothorax and malignant pleural effusions. Learn more at:


Northside Duluth Surgical Group welcomes Drs. Michael A. Hall and Craig McCready 
Northside Duluth Surgical Group is pleased to announce that Drs. Michael A. Hall and Craig McCready will join its' practice on July 1.

Dr. Hall is a board-certified physician in general surgery, specializing in oncologic surgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive procedures. With over four years of experience, his unique training also encompasses laparoscopic, hernia repair and robotic cholecystectomy. Connecting with his patients, allows him to enlighten them about their treatment plans, while empowering them to live healthier and happier lives.

Dr. McCready is a board-certified physician in general surgery, and he specializes in critical care medicine and trauma surgery. With over two of years of experience, Dr. McCready is dedicated to each patient, providing individualized care plans that aim to accomplish patient goals using the latest in technology and resources. 

For more information about this practice, call 678-312-7280.

Northside Gwinnett Surgical Associates welcomes Dr. Venkata Kakarla
Dr. Venkata Kakarla will be joining Northside Gwinnett Surgical Associates on July 1. Dr. Kakarla is a board-certified physician in general surgery, and he has been fellowship-trained in minimally invasive, bariatric and robotic surgery. “Cutting edge technology like minimally invasive and robotic surgery help the patients significantly by decreasing the rate of complications and improve the outcomes along with much reduced recovery time compared to traditional surgery,” Dr Kakarla said. Learn more about Dr. Kakarla at:

Midtown Atlanta

Midtown Medical Associates welcomes Dr. Laura Miller
Dr. Laura Miller will join Midtown Medical Associates on July 1. Dr. Miller is a board-certified internal medicine physician who specializes in general primary care, mental health and preventive health. She is passionate about holistic and preventive care, and she enjoys helping patients understand their chronic conditions and the impact of lifestyle and environment on their long-term health. Learn more at:

North Fulton

Atlanta Head & Neck Associates welcomes Dr. Gregory Ward
Dr. Gregory Ward
has joined Atlanta Head & Neck Associates on the Northside Hospital Atlanta campus. Dr. Ward is a board-certified and fellowship-trained head and neck and microvascular reconstruction surgical oncologist. He brings over a decade of surgical experience, specializing in microvascular reconstructive surgical procedures to restore form and function to areas affected by cancer. Learn more at:

Dr. Megan Bowles joins Internal Medicine Specialists of Roswell
Internal Medicine Specialists of Roswell is pleased to welcome Dr. Megan Bowles. Dr. Bowles is a board-certified physician in internal medicine. She specializes in outpatient procedures, women’s health, chronic disease management and preventive care, and is committed to partnering with her patients for their acute, chronic and preventative health concerns. “I believe that mental and physical health are truly connected and needed to be frequently nurtured and addressed,” Dr. Bowles said. Learn more at:

Northside Thoracic Surgery relocates Sandy Springs office

Effective June 28, Drs. Shady M. Eldaif and John W. Gouldman, and the staff of Northside Thoracic Surgery will begin patients at their new Sandy Springs office, located at 980 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Suite 800. The new office is located inside the Northside Hospital 980 Doctors' Centre, adjacent to Northside Thoracic Surgery's current Sandy Springs location. Appointments can be made by calling 404-252-9063. Learn more at:

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