Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, one of the nation’s leading providers of lung cancer care, has opened a second Lung Nodule Clinic dedicated to providing early diagnosis, coordination and timely care for lung nodules. 

The Northside Hospital Lung Nodule Clinic at Northside Hospital Gwinnett specializes in expediting the workup of patients with suspicious lung nodules, found incidentally or through Northside’s low-dose CT (computed tomography) Lung Cancer Screening Program, in order to detect lung cancer earlier and lead to better outcomes. 

Northside’s first Lung Nodule Clinic opened on the campus of Northside Hospital Cherokee in 2020. 

“As experts, we understand the urgency for prompt workup of suspicious lung nodules,” says Melissa Morrison, DNP, clinical coordinator of the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Lung Cancer Program. “Early detection of lung cancer increases the patients overall survival.” 

Lung nodule clinicThe American Cancer Society estimates 7,250 Georgians will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021. It is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women, accounting for more deaths than colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. 

While most lung or pulmonary nodules are benign, in some cases they can be an early indicator of lung cancer. More often than not, lung nodules go undetected because they do not cause symptoms. However, they can be found incidentally during a CT scan or X-ray. 

Northside’s Lung Nodule Clinics are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, radiologists, and medical and radiation oncologists, who collaborate to efficiently provide an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient. 

Patients can be referred to one of Northside’s Lung Nodule Clinics after a suspicious nodule has been detected. Patients also may self-refer, and second opinions are welcome. 

For more information about the Lung Nodule Clinic at Northside Hospital Gwinnett, call 678-312-3316. 

Learn more about Northside’s Lung Nodule Clinics. 

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