Northside named grant recipient from Kay Yow Cancer Fund / Georgia Tech women's basketball partnership

Kay Yow Cancer Fund Breast CancerThe Kay Yow Cancer Fund® announced a partnership today with Georgia Tech women’s basketball which will result in a $150,000 grant to Northside Hospital for their work in providing access to quality cancer healthcare for underserved women in the Atlanta metro area.

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund continues its mission of serving underserved women facing cancer in the wake of Tasha Butts’, Georgia Tech associate head women’s basketball coach, diagnosis with advanced stage breast cancer in November 2021.

“I am extremely grateful for Georgia Tech Athletics and the support I have received as I battle breast cancer,” said associate head coach Tasha Butts. “Our team partnering with the Kay Yow Fund means the world to me and it absolutely warms my heart that we will be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Partnering with the Kay Yow Fund will allow us to help women in underserved communities and help provide them with a fighting chance. It’s takes a lot of courage, hope and support to battle this disease and I am grateful to have a supportive community surrounding me. Northside Hospital is indeed a part of my community and they do an amazing job of helping those that are not as fortunate. I am honored to do my part and I thank Georgia Tech Athletics, Kay Yow Fund and Northside Hospital. Together we can all make a difference.”

“Our partnership with the Kay Yow Fund gives us the opportunity to support their initiative to bring awareness to all cancers impacting women,” commented Georgia Tech women’s basketball head coach Nell Fortner. “The Kay Yow Cancer Fund has had a tremendous impact on not only the women’s basketball world, but has played a big role in helping underserved populations fighting against cancer. This partnership has a deep meaning as we continue to support associate head coach Tasha Butts as she is currently fighting this disease. We can all work together to help everyone impacted by cancer.”

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute is one the largest community cancer networks in the country and is among the nation’s leading providers of breast cancer diagnostic and treatment services. Throughout the Atlanta region, Northside is committed to cancer education, awareness, and prevention, and works alongside its community partners to increase access to cancer screenings to underserved women.

“In many ways, Tasha’s mentality parallels Coach Yow’s in that she is looking for ways to use her platform to give to and serve others. We are honored to be a part of this partnership and the impact it will have on some many women and their families,” said Kay Yow Cancer Fund CEO, Stephanie Glance. “The programs that are in place at Northside Hospital to provide access to quality cancer healthcare for underserved women are second to none. How special to be working side-by-side with Tasha and the Georgia Tech community to save lives.”


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