Northside Duluth's Damar Lewis honored for nursing excellence

Congratulations to Damar Lewis, Northside's 2022 Celebrating Nurses Top 10 Honoree! 

Damar is an ICU nurse at Northside Hospital Duluth. He received his Nurse Excellence Award from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at its annual Celebrating Nurses Awards event on May 10. Each year, the event recognizes Atlanta’s top nurses and the positive impacts they make in our lives and communities.

Damar was one of more than 140 Northside Hospital nurses nominated for the 2022 AJC Celebrating Nurses Awards. He was nominated by the daughter of a couple he cared for as they battled COVID-19.

"I knew that nurses were important in health care, but I just did not realize how much of an impact a nurse could make in someone's life," Damar said.

Watch Damar's story below:

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