AJC: Sisters come full circle at Northside labor and delivery

It seems only fitting that Amy Tortoriello and Jenny Andris would end up working together as nurses in labor and delivery at Northside Hospital. After all, that’s where they first met.

Tortoriello doesn’t remember that day, but it made quite an impression on Andris, who wrote about it in her journal.

“My new little sister is very cute. She has Blue eyes and has chubby pink cheeks and smiles alot. She mostly sleeps and eats. Well don’t all baby’s?”

You’ll have to forgive the misspellings. You see, Jenny (then Tortoriello) was only 9 when she documented Amy’s birth at Northside.

It wasn’t this experience that influenced Andris and peaked her interest in nursing, however. That happened five years later, when their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“That was the first time that she was diagnosed, but that was probably the one that sticks in my mind the most because I was just at that formative age where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do,” Andris said. “So seeing her go through that experience and just being so grateful to people who were able to provide her such good care, kind of opened my eyes to a career that I hadn’t previously thought about."

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