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Akanksha's story: Quality care before, during and after birth

Although Akanksha Upadhyay had some postpartum complication, she reported “a very nice experience” delivering her son Viraj Mishra recently at Northside Hospital Forsyth. 
“It was special because it was my first pregnancy and I was very nervous about delivering a baby, but the medical team, ambiance and care at Northside Hospital made it enjoyable,” Akanksha said. “They handled my postpartum hemorrhage and neonatal jaundice very well.” 
She said the lactation team at Northside Forsyth helped her “feed my baby precious liquid gold” and the whole staff took good care of mother and son throughout the process. 

“We are vegetarian so they tried their best to provide me meals accordingly,” she said. 

Akanksha recommends Northside Forsyth to new moms. 

“If you want to experience the quality care during your delivery and postpartum, come to Northside Hospital,” she said. “Here, you need not to worry about the essentials of postpartum as the hospital is more concerned than you about your health, and provide you with the care they need.”

Take a video tour of the Northside Hospital Forsyth Women's Center.


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