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Caroline's story: Nurses 'the highlight of our delivery'

Shelton family

Meet Addison Shelton! She was born at Northside Hospital Atlanta on March 17, 2022, to parents Caroline and Tanner Shelton of Woodstock.

Addison photo"I went into labor and delivery with an open mind, knowing that I will not be able to control what happens to me,” Caroline said. “After being induced to some minor complications, I ended up having a C-section. The nurses were supportive, encouraging, and empathetic to the situation, and made me feel at ease with not being able to have a vaginal delivery.”

Caroline said the mother/baby nurses “were the highlight of our delivery,” adding that they were knowledgeable and took time to answer all her questions.

I felt like they advocated for me and wanted to see me succeed,” she said.

Caroline’s advice for new parents: “Keep an open mind. There is so much that you cannot control during birth. Trust your care team and know that they are competent and the best at what they do.”


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