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Courtney’s story: New mom finds comfort amid an unexpected challenge

Courtney Lord didn’t expect to go straight from a doctor’s appointment to labor and delivery, but she still said her experience "couldn't have turned out better" when she welcomed Grayson Hayes to the world earlier this year.

Courtney, a registered nurse at Northside Hospital Cherokee, had a sudden onset of preeclampsia. Her obstetrician sent her straight from her 36-week appointment to the hospital. She  was told she’d have to stay in labor and delivery until the 37-week mark, or until her symptoms became manageable. However, her water broke that night.

Seventeen hours later, Grayson Hayes Lord was born.

“The nurses I had are what made my experiences so amazing,” Courtney said. “Every nurse was empathetic and took their time explaining things to not only me but my husband also.

“I broke down crying when I heard I had to stay, and my nurses were there to listen to me and comfort me — even the charge nurse came in to check on me and made sure I had the best experience I could.”

Her nurse Drew Balchus stayed with Courtney that night, and through the birth.

“She was the type of nurse that went above and beyond and made sure I understood everything that was going on,” Courtney said. “As a registered nurse, I knew that Drew cared and was passionate about her job. She was the type of nurse that didn’t just do what she was supposed to do. She went above and beyond. She really tried to relate and be there for her patients and that made my experience as a first-time mom in labor and delivery amazing.

“I will always be thankful for the nurses and what they did for me and will always be remembered as they are a part of Grayson’s story entering this world.”

Courtney said it was “comforting” to deliver her baby at the same hospital where she works.

“If there is one thing I know, Northside Cherokee is an amazing hospital to work for, with staff that care and are skilled,” she said. “Even though having my baby a month early wasn’t planned, it made things easy knowing I was with such a well-rounded team.”

Now that Courtney is settling into life with an expanded family, she offered advice to new moms.

“Being a mom in the medical field can be a blessing and a curse,” she said. “Knowing too much can go against you, but if there is one advice I could give, it’s just to breathe and just enjoy being a mom, not overthinking the small stuff.

“Anyone that works in the medical field is strong and resilient, which is what you need to be as a mom. Stay confident in that.”

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