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Madison's story: Thankful to hospital staff who helped her through tragic loss

On April 11, 2021, Madison Morgan, a nurse in Northside Hospital Gwinnett’s Neuroscience Unit, tragically lost her 17-month-old son, JJ, in a drowning accident. A year later, she is focused on honoring her son’s life and expressing gratitude to the team who worked to save him.

Madison was at work when she received the call that her son was being transferred to the Emergency Department at Northside Gwinnett. She ran from her unit to the ER, where she was instantly surrounded and consoled by the ER team while they did all they could to save her son. Unfortunately, JJ passed away with his mother by his side.

“There was a sea of royal blue surrounding me,” Madison recalls in describing the Gwinnett nurses, who wear royal blue scrubs. Their comfort and support helped her cope on that tragic day.

A year later, Madison is still deeply touched by the compassionate, expert care the Northside Gwinnett ER team gave her son that day and the immense love and support that she felt surrounded by her Northside family. On Monday, April 11, 2022, Madison returned to the ER department to reunite with the same team to thank them for their help and to commemorate the one-year anniversary of JJ’s passing. The ER team members who worked on JJ were Dr. David Goo, Brooke Cummins, Fauziya Ali, Allyson Bloom, Verona Lattery and Eboly Chavez. The reunion was filled with tears and shared memories of JJ.

Since JJ passed, Madison has returned to work at Northside Gwinnett’s Neuroscience Unit and welcomed JJ’s little sister, Lily, last August. Turning their grief into action, Madison and her husband have also partnered with the Water Safety Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to help raise awareness of the vital importance of safe water practices and monitoring for young children. They have a water safety web page that will launch soon.

Madison is forever grateful to the Northside community, and even though the pain is indescribable, her mission is to focus on positive actions that honor JJ’s life. A testament to this mission, Madison was able to donate two of JJ’s heart valves to two other babies through LifeLink of Georgia.


Watch Madison's story here.


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