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Marie’s vision loss forced her to come to the ER, and it saved her life

For a long time, Marie was experiencing a “whooshing” sound in her head. 

“Like air escaping,” she says.  It gradually progressed to the point where she briefly lost vision in her left eye. “…At that point I went to the emergency room at Northside Hospital.” 

She was diagnosed with a mini stroke. “The tests indicated that I suffered two TIAs (mini strokes) and that I had blockages in excess of 90% in both carotid arteries.” Marie was quickly treated to help prevent a major stroke. 

Northside Vascular Surgery's Dr. Siddharth Patel was with Marie every step of the way. Explaining in detail the options and risks with the surgery he recommended, T-CAR. “He was reassuring and to my mind this was the best course of action,” explains Marie. 

After a successful procedure Marie felt relieved. “My experience was excellent; Dr. Patel and his staff were very attentive and reassuring.” 

A word of advice from Marie: “do no ignore a ‘whooshing’ sound in your head…the loss of sight, tiredness or dizziness.”

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