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Natasha’s story: From Achilles pain to back on track

For Natasha, exercise is self-care and important to her mental health. It was tough for her when she started feeling intense Achilles pain in her right ankle.

For more than a year, she struggled. A friend recommended she visit Dr. Matt Lopez with Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute Sports Medicine.

"After only one visit with Matt, I have been able to run, ride my bike and walk up and down my stairs pain free," said Natasha. "I plan to see him once a week for the next five weeks and I’m confident I’ll continue to be pain free!"

Natasha's advice, "don’t be like me and wait 1 1/2 years to have your issues addressed."

"I was afraid that I’d be told to reduce my activity level so my ankle could heal," she added. "That hasn’t been the case with Matt, and for that I am forever grateful." 

Now Natasha is back to what she loves most, running, walking, biking and strength training.


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