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Josiah's story: Newlyweds find strength in hope and surgeon after tumor diagnosis

Meet Josiah and his wife Lauren. Like so many couples, they enjoy good wine, good food and exciting travel adventures. Things changed when they received some shocking news, Josiah had a large brain tumor, located in his left temporal lobe.

"We were only a few months out from our wedding date; the honeymoon was already planned and paid for, our wedding invitations had long since been sent and RSVPs returned.”

They met with Northside Hospital’s Dr. Jim Robinson, a national recognized neurosurgeon. The couple struggled to figure out how this could happen to them. 

“It was a complete surprise to us, since my family has no history of brain diseases, and my wife and I both live very healthy lifestyles.”

Just two days after their wedding, Josiah underwent brain surgery.

Dr. Robinson was right by the couple’s side, making sure they knew every aspect of the surgery and recovery process. 

“There were many painful days and nights of recovery, but my wife and I were surrounded by loving family members waiting in the waiting room… and sweetest of all, Dr. Robinson’s team was reaching out to us offering motivation and words of strength and encouragement always.” 

After surgery, the couple left with their hearts full of hope—and some extra family members.

“We truly feel as though we joined an even greater family of support since starting our experience with Dr. Robinson and his team and the Northside network of support.” 

Today, Josiah and Lauren are better than ever. 

“My health is the best it has been in years! My wife and I get to enjoy time with our puppy, Honey, and truly appreciate every day a little more than we had before.”


*The health story shared here may portray atypical results of survival for this type of cancer, given its severity and stage. Atypical results are considered surviving a cancer that has less than a 50% five-year survival rate. Patients should consult an expert to discuss specific treatment plans and the possible outcomes before making medical decisions.



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