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Rachel’s story: Overcoming 22 years of success and failures

Rachel struggled with her weight for more than two decades.

“It wasn't discipline I was lacking. It wasn't dealing with my food issues and emotional eating. What had gotten in the way was my quest to have a family,” she recalls. 

“I had been in infertility hell for about seven years. I had lost seven babies in early miscarriages," Rachel added. "I had taken medication, done IUI’s and IVF cycles. In 2020, we were going to do another cycle. Then COVID changed everything.” 

Like many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel decided it was time to focus on her health. That decision led her to Dr. Srinivasa Gorjala of Northside Hospital Surgery and Weight Management.

“I had a Gastric Sleeve," said Rachel. "Dr. Gorjala has a wonderful bedside manner. I felt listened to, heard and validated each and every time I talked with him.” 

“I have never experienced the follow up and care after a surgery in the way this office/hospital has done for me and it has been a vital part of my healing and success!” 

Rachel's advice for anyone considering Northside Hospital Surgery and Weight Management, “if you are considering it, you most likely need to walk towards it. I sort of regret waiting so long, but timing is everything and I wasn't ready until I was. There is no judgement there.” 

“Prioritize yourself," she added. "I feel like most of us don't and it will feel really uncomfortable once you start, but it is vital in this and in life.” 


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