In this video, Northside ophthalmologist Dr. Ira Perszyk discusses the causes, symptoms and treatments of cataracts.

Inside our eye, we have a natural lens that focuses light onto the back of our eye to an area called the retina. The retina then sends the information to the brain to process and interpret the world around us. When we are born, the lens is clear, but then it gradually becomes cloudy and darkens as we age. This is called a cataract. 

Common symptoms of cataracts include blurred vision that cannot be corrected with glasses and difficulty driving at night or in the rain. Cataracts can cause halos to be seen around oncoming headlights. Colors also start to appear more faded or yellow.

If you start to develop cataracts, it is important to see your eye doctor to discuss your symptoms and the appropriate time for surgery.

Explained is a series of short videos where Northside experts explain common patient questions.

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Dr. Ira Perszyk is fellowship-trained in medical and surgical glaucoma management and cataract surgery. 

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