Mental Health: Don't stress over New Year's resolutions

Emotional health is your ability to cope with positive and negative emotions, including your awareness of them. It is one aspect of your overall mental health. 

Each New Year, our resolutions tend to affect our emotional health. Believe it or not, most resolutions do not come from a positive place. 

In this video, Nikeisha Whatley-León, director of Behavioral Health Services at Northside, gives five alternative resolutions you can make this New Year. 

Northside Hospital offers a comprehensive array of Behavioral Health Services for adults, families, health professionals and others. The program provides an integrative approach, focused on health and overall well-being, with a multidisciplinary team of over 30 highly trained mental health professionals, including board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses and other clinicians.

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Nikeisha Whatley-León, LPC picture

Nikeisha Whatley-León, LPC

Specialties: Behavior Health

Nikeisha is the system director of Behavioral Health Services at Northside.

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