Northside 101 is a series of interviews with Northside Hospital's experts, breaking down complex medical terms and procedures.

In this edition of Northside 101, Program Director of Thoracic Oncology Dr. Howard Silverboard discusses lung cancer and the importance of lung cancer screening

Studies show that if every person eligible for lung cancer screening participated in a screening, it would save an additional 12,000 lives per year in the U.S. 

Learn more about the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Lung Cancer Program.


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Dr. Howard Silverboard

Specialties: Pulmonary and Critical Care, Pulmonology

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Dr. Silverboard is presently the medical director of Thoracic Oncology and the Lung Cancer Screening Program at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute and as an active member of his community, supporting the American Lung Association, the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer and Lungevity.

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