Support Groups

Virtual Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group

Join the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Psych Oncology Program for this virtual group for individuals living with trigeminal neuralgia facial pain.
If you are living with trigeminal neuralgia (TN), you will be pleased to know there is a support group where you can participate in networking with others who are also living with this disease. You will have the opportunity to get information, psychoeducation, emotional support, and develop coping strategies. You will get a sense of validation, a deeper understanding of your disease and treatment from medical and therapeutic professionals, and improved self-advocacy in managing and ensuring a better quality of life.
Topics include:
  • Psych-Educational on Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) Disease and  Management
  • Coping strategies for dealing with chronic pain and the ongoing pandemic 
  • How to communicate about your TN needs with your healthcare providers
  • Understanding the connection between chronic pain and behavioral health issues
  • Navigating dental care when living with TN
  • Quality of life and self-care
RSVP to Sarai Senat at *RSVP 3 days prior to the scheduled group date.
Note: All groups are facilitated via a telehealth video platform. Once we register you to participate in the group, we will send you an email with the link to access the group. You will need to provide your email address with your RSVP. You will not need to download an app to join this group. Please use Google Chrome as this is the most compatible browser for our program. Also please use any device other than a smartphone if possible as phones have a tendency to cause audio and video distractions.  In addition, be sure to minimize background noise to reduce distractions to the other group participants. Thank you in advance for your consideration.   
Date & Time Nov 22, 2022 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM