Social Justice

We believe that everyone, no matter their background, deserves equal social and economic rights and opportunities.

We strategically partner with organizations that reinforce the principles of social justice: access to resources, equity, diversity, participation and human rights. Northside’s areas of focus include but are not limited to food insecurity, racial injustice, child safety, veteran services, and development for the impaired.

Through these partnerships, we continue to leverage our resources in order to enhance the quality of our community and the families we serve.


Our Social Justice Partners

Social Justice Partner Spotlight

National Black Arts

Through Northside Hospital’s partnership, NBAF expanded both its Move/ Dance! Program as well as its Dancing with Seniors program. The Move/Dance! Program provides a dance-based curriculum in the Atlanta Public Middle Schools and Elementary Schools and focuses on addressing the needs of the whole child – supporting, nurturing, expanding and improving their creativity, talent, knowledge, academics and health. Dancing with Seniors is a health initiative that provides seniors with wellness education and exercise through dance, serving over 125 seniors at Truitt Camp and Helene Senior Centers through entertaining dance and wellness classes.

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