Specialty Care

Northside Hospital Sleep Disorders Center - Roswell

1357 Hembree Road
Suite 120
Roswell, GA 30076
Additional Contact Information
  • Fax 404-236-8203
  • Centralized Scheduling: 404-303-4322
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Additional directions for patients with scheduled appointments:

After turning into the Northmeadow Medical Center complex, make an immediate right and continue around to the lower/back entrance of the building. You may park near the door; however, do not use the handicap spaces unless you have a sticker or window sign. For daytime appointments, proceed through the double glass doors and make a right past the elevators into the suite. For nighttime appointments, there is a gray intercom/call box on the brick wall to the right of the doors. Press the gray button and a staff member will meet you at the door.