Residency Wellness

Why Wellness 

As individuals, we are happiest and healthiest when we adopt healthy lifestyle choices. This includes physicians and physicians in training. Healthy doctors live longer, lead lives that are more satisfying and are safer practitioners. When physicians are well, patient care is at its highest quality and the public benefits. Studies show a physician’s wellness is associated with fewer medical errors, enhanced satisfaction and a positive environment in the workplace.    

On average, the United States loses as many as 400 physicians to suicide each year, including physicians in residency, a number higher than most other professions. To combat these startling statistics, we have developed a wellness program for our residency programs, to help create positive work environments. 


The mission of the Northside Hospital Gwinnett Graduate Medical Education Wellness Committee is to create a positive work and learning environment that promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit for all faculty, fellows, residents, and staff.

  • Mind: Provide resources to enhance mental and financial health.
  • Body: Support good nutrition, sleep, social activities, exercise, and wellness days. 
  • Spirit: Support emotional health, promote mindfulness, and maintain physician and staff’s ability to retain the joy in medicine and maintain a sense of making a difference.  


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