We see patients at many different locations. If you aren’t sure where your appointment is, please call us at 404-851-6284 or email genetics@northside.com and we’ll make sure you have the correct information.

Genetics sees patients in the following Northside locations:

Northside - Atlanta
We are located in the Centerpointe Building: 1100 Johnson Ferry Rd. NE
Centerpointe 2
Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30342

Northside- Forsyth
Please follow signs for the Cancer Center:
Forsyth Cancer Center 1100 Northside Forsyth Dr.,
Suite 140
Cumming, GA 30041

Northside - Alpharetta
We are located in Building C on the Alpharetta Campus:
3400 Old Milton Parkway
Buildling C
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Northside - Cherokee
Please follow signs for the Cancer Institute:
Cherokee Cancer Institute 460 Northside Cherokee Boulevard
Suite T10
Canton, GA 30115

We are located at the Northside Women’s Imaging Center:
239 Village Center Parkway
Suite 160
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Holly Springs
We are located at the Holly Springs Imaging Center. Please enter the Imaging Center suite on the first floor off the lobby:
684 Sixes Road
Suite 100
Canton, GA 30115

If you would like to learn more about genetic counseling and the implications of genetic testing, please attend one of our free monthly genetics education classes (Atlanta campus).

Genetic Cancer - Colorectal Cancer and Polyps

As the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths, colorectal cancer affects more than 130,000 men and women each year. Most of these cases are sporadic; however about 5-10% of colon cancers are hereditary.

The most common cause of genetic colon cancer is a condition called Lynch syndrome. Individuals and families with Lynch syndrome tend to have colon cancers diagnosed at earlier ages (before 50), and also may have other types of cancer diagnosed themselves or in close relatives including endometrial (uterine), gastric (stomach), ovarian, kidney, pancreatic and small bowel. Anyone with several of these cancers in themselves and/or their close relatives could consider a genetics evaluation for Lynch syndrome.

There is another genetic form of colon cancer that can cause people to develop many polyps in their colon. Sometimes these polyps are pre-cancerous (also called adenomas) and sometimes they aren’t, but they are still present in large numbers (more than 20). If you or close family members have had many polyps removed throughout their lifetime, it could be due to an inherited risk. Sometimes these family members may have had a cancer diagnosis, but not always. Colonoscopy results aren’t often shared among family members, so it’s important to ask your close relatives about their colon polyp history since this could give important clues as to whether there is an inherited risk in a family.

There have also been newer genes discovered that can lead to increased colon cancer risks in families. Testing has expanded to include these genes and meeting with a Northside genetic counselor is the best way to receive up to date information about genetic risk for colon cancer.

Consider making an appointment if you have any of the following red flags in your personal or family history:

  • Colon cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • Endometrial (uterine) cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • Colon, uterine, gastric, pancreatic, small bowel, kidney, or ovarian cancers diagnosed in three or more family members (or yourself and two family members)
  • More than five pre-cancerous polyps (total in a lifetime)
  • Unusual types of polyps found during colonoscopy including juvenile polyps and hamartomatous polyps

Genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk can be valuable to you for several reasons.

  • If you have already had a cancer diagnosis it can help to determine if you are at increased risk of developing a second cancer in another part of the body.
  • Each child of a parent with a gene mutation has a 50/50 chance for inheriting the altered genes.
  • Knowing that you have an inherited risk can help determine your risk and your family's risk for other cancers and assist your doctor in recommending appropriate cancer screening measures. 

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