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Northside Hospital – Atlanta
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Northside Hospital – Cherokee
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Northside Hospital – Forsyth
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Building a Culture of Learning and Leadership

The myriad of opportunities afforded throughout the Northside Hospital system provides a structured path for the professional nurse seeking to become a nurse leader. Whether for personal or professional growth, Northside encourages and assists these individuals through a culture of learning and leadership development.  These growth opportunities, in turn, create a dynamic workforce that is committed to the highest level of clinical practice; thereby, promoting an optimal environment for caring and healing for our patients, and a professional environment for the nurse to participate.

Clinical Advancement Program

The Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) is a voluntary incentive program designed to recognize and reward RNs and LPNs who consistently strive for excellence in patient care while demonstrating true leadership at the bedside. CAP criteria for each level was carefully selected to promote advanced education and achievement among nurses who choose to focus their professional career on providing direct patient care. There are four distinct levels to the program, with the first two levels encouraging unit-based initiatives and basic leadership development, while the top two levels encourage more advanced leadership development with such activities as mentoring, precepting, and involvement in staff education. For those individuals in nursing leadership positions, there are separate criteria and leadership skills that can be developed through their clinician and clinical supervisor level CAP program.

Shared Governance

Nursing Shared Governance was created at Northside in 1997 as a model for shared decision-making between professional staff and leadership. It provides an excellent opportunity for clinical nurses to work with leadership at all levels to improve nursing practice and influence work environments, to grow personally and professionally, and to connect with colleagues across the organization. The impact of Shared Governance goes far beyond the specific projects and initiatives developed and implemented by council members. As elected representatives of their peers, Shared Governance members are frequently asked to serve in an advisory role to address the impact of organization-wide initiatives on nursing. Members are often called upon to provide input on new programs under consideration by various administration departments and to advise on the most effective way to roll-out initiatives across all patient care areas. All of these activities help to enhance nursing at Northside. Shared Governance is about professional nursing staff and leadership partnering to facilitate shared decision-making and improve clinical outcomes.

Learning & Organizational Development (LOD) Department

Northside's Learning & Organizational Development Department is committed to providing employees with the right developmental opportunities at the right times and enhancing their competencies throughout the various stages of their careers. Courses cover topics ranging from time management to critical thinking to communication. Whether you are looking to improve your basic computer skills or learn the art and science of leadership, the LOD department has something to offer you. LOD Trainers are also available to provide customized education sessions for leadership teams and department staff.

Specialty Internships

Northside's formal internship programs are designed to meet the needs of both the newly graduated nurse and the experienced nurse moving to a new specialty. Through a combination of classroom education and precepted clinical experiences, Nurse interns gain the skills and confidence needed to care for a specialized patient population.

Internship programs are overseen by Clinical Nurse Specialists and dedicated unit based Clinicians committed to providing individualized training and support. Each Nurse comes to an internship program with different strengths and areas for development. We customize your education to make you the best Nurse you can be.

By building a strong foundation of fundamental clinical and critical thinking skills, our Interns complete their programs prepared to serve as "leaders at the bedside". Northside's ongoing professional development opportunities build upon this foundation to ensure that you achieve your goals - whether your future lies in hands-on care, leadership or education.

Internship programs vary in length based on clinical specialty and begin several times though-out the year.

For additional information and a list of available positions, please visit our job postings

Organizational Partnerships

Through Northside Hospital's partnership with other professional organizations, we are able to assist our staff in seeking out other avenues for leadership development. Such organizations as Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) provide workshops and regional and state councils for nurses, such as the GHA staff nurse council, various Telnet conferences, and Webinars. Another organization that Northside Hospital works closely with is The Advisory Board. Northside hosts several onsite Advisory Board seminars for the management staff on an annual basis, as well as encourages staff to enroll online in the Nursing Leadership Academy Recognition Program. Through this program, nursing leadership enroll online in a variety of leadership classes towards certificate programs at the Associate, Masters and Laureate levels.


Northside Hospital - Atlanta

1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 851-8000

Northside Hospital - Cherokee

450 Northside Cherokee Blvd.
Canton, GA 30115
(770) 224-1000

Northside Hospital - Forsyth

1200 Northside Forsyth Drive
Cumming, GA 30041
(770) 844-3200

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