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Northside Hospital Child Development Center is dedicated to supporting employees and associates by providing a developmentally appropriate program for children. We recognize that a child’s early years provide the foundation for later development. A young child, therefore, needs time to participate in experiences that provide a secure foundation for the future.  Development is a truly fascinating and wonderful phenomenon and should not be accelerated or skipped. Each period of a child’s development should be allowed to evolve according to the individual child.

The program provides each child an individualized curriculum implemented by highly trained and experienced, caring adults. This curriculum is based on the philosophy that learning develops through play, which is the primary vehicle through which children learn.  Play is an avenue for self-expression and for organization of the world.  We believe that learning occurs when children are actively involved with people and materials in their environment.  Such learning is facilitated in a loving, home-like atmosphere that provides a variety of challenging but non-stressful activities and materials.

Our program provides an atmosphere that emphasizes understanding and acceptance of all children and families where differences are understood, respected, encouraged, and mediated when necessary.


Our Center has adopted the WINGS curriculum.  It was developed by Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis and is used in our classrooms for Infants through Preschoolers. 

It is an active and interactive learning plan for effectively organizing and implementing developmentally and culturally appropriate practices. WINGS is an acronym for Wonders,Interests, Needs, Goals and Skills. These elements provide a foundation for organizing and implementing the curriculum so that it incorporates the individual needs of the children as well as the developmental needs of the group. WINGS offers guidance to teachers and helps them to use their environments in a way to enhance physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.  Parents are given the opportunity to contribute to the curriculum by posting information about their child on the “WINGS WALL”  The children are actively learning content from various subjects that have been incorporated within their activities.  WINGS is evidence–based, on research and developmental theories that have offered principal perspectives on how children develop and learn.

In our classrooms, children are busy in learning centers which are socially relevant, intellectually engaging & personally meaningful to them.   They will typically have blocks, a housekeeping area, math and manipulative toys, art, sensory play, a library center, science and nature, music and movement, outdoor activities, cooking, computers, and much more.  All activities are developmentally appropriate and children are given the opportunity to explore and make discoveries with guidance from teachers.  In planning themes, teachers consider the interest of the children and events occurring in the community.  WINGS  is fun and through it, children can play, grow, and learn.

In our Pre-K program, we utilize the High/Scope Educational Approach.  It is a developmental model derived from the work of Jean Piaget.  In a High/Scope program, students learn through active involvement with people, materials, events and ideas.  Experiences are provided that encourage creativity, and offer the children opportunities to solve problems and make decisions on their own.

The High Scope Approach* teaches that children learn best by pursuing their personal interests and goals.  Consequently, children in High/Scope settings are encouraged to make choices about materials and activities throughout the day. As they pursue their choices and plans, children explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems, and interact with classmates and adults. In this kind of environment, children naturally engage in "key experiences"---activities that foster developmentally important skills and abilities. High/Scope has identified 58 key experiences in child development for the preschool years and a wide range of practical strategies for promoting these key experiences. The key experiences are grouped into 10 categories: creative representation, language and literacy, initiative and social relations, movement, music, classification, numbers, space, and time.

 Program Enhancements

  • Weekly Spanish classes for Toddlers, Preschool and
  • Bi-Monthly Music Class from Opus One Music

(*High/Scope Educational Research Foundation - For additional information, please visit www.highscope.org)

Assessment of Child Progress

Conducting individual screenings and assessments is an integral part of our program.  The teacher familiar with each child’s development creates for him/her a portfolio that is a collection of items that document the child’s interest, skills, accomplishments and approaches to learning.  The portfolio may consist of developmental checklist, observations, collections of artwork, scribbles and writing, audio clips and photographs. In addition to teacher assessments, our resource coordinator arranges speech, hearing and vision screenings for the children at different times throughout the school year and is available to assist with arranging other assessments upon request. 

The process of assessment is ongoing and serves to note behavior and patterns of development as they occur.   The information gained from assessments is used to plan, assess and support children’s learning and is kept confidential.  Individual screening results and assessment information will only be represented, and interpreted by professionals trained in this area.  Teachers communicate with parents at least monthly regarding their child’s development. In addition, written reports are given to parents twice each year at their scheduled conferences.  Additional meetings may be held upon request.


The Child Care Services section of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) is responsible for licensing our program.  Licensing consultants conduct annual licensing inspections for child care learning centers as well as make periodic visits.  Their responsibilities include monitoring, technical assistance and training to assure safe and healthy environments and improve the quality of services to children, providing consumer education information to parents, investigating complaints and providing other support services to early Childhood programs.

For additional information about DECAL, go to http://decal.ga.gov


Our program is accredited by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children with nearly nearly 80,000 members, a national network of more than 300 state and local Affiliates, and a growing global alliance of like-minded organizations.

In 1985, NAEYC established a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high-quality programs.  To become accredited, programs must meet ten quality standards that address areas such as relationships between children and teachers, curriculum, assessment, health and safety, and program management. The NAEYC standards promote high quality care and education for children and families.  The Center evaluates its program through a self-evaluation process annually.  In addition, NAEYC accredited programs sustain quality over the five-year term as documented through annual reports, reports of program changes, and results of unannounced visits if randomly selected. 

For more information regarding accreditation, visit the NAEYC website at http://www.naeyc.org

Highly qualified personnel consisting of a Center Director, Supervisors, Resource Coordinator, Secretary, Lead Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and substitutes staff the Center.  Their distinctive uniforms can identify staff.  All personnel are carefully selected based on educational background, training, and experience.  These qualifications provide the staff with the ability to teach according to the program philosophy and to develop relationships with each child and family.  In addition to the high qualifications and experience they bring with them, teachers receive in-service training and annual professional development training from sources approved by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.  Annual requirements are based on an individualized professional development plan.

All staff members and regular volunteers who work with the children must complete a criminal record’s check.  In addition, the Director and Secretary are required to have a fingerprint check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Volunteers add quality and diversity to the child development program.  The child development program utilizes volunteers from the Northside Auxiliary, and the community.  Volunteers assist in the classrooms as well as with administrative duties.  They work with regular staff members, but are never left alone with our children.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the Center as often as their schedules allow.   Suggestions for volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Participating in Parent Advisory Committee activities such as “Week of the Young Child” and “Teacher Appreciation Week”
  • Providing input into the program by completing the annual parent survey
  • Donating needed items to the Center or your child's classroom
  • Serving on the Parent Advisory Committee
  • Assisting on field trips
  • Reading to the children
  • Sharing a  hobby, family photos, or demonstrating a skill
  • Volunteering to sit with the children on the last Thursday of each month during staff meetings (1-2 PM)

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