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Pulmonary Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopy

The Pulmonary and Therapeutic Endoscopy Lab offers diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions. Northside's team of pulmonologists (physicians specializing in pulmonary conditions), pulmonary therapeutic specialists and endoscopy nurses are ready to collaborate with you and other related health care specialists, including anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists, and radiologists, to develop an individualized plan of care.

Lung conditions that may be evaluated in this unit include: cancer,tuberculosis, tumors, secretions, bleeding, blockage or foreign body; such abnormalities as tracheal stenosis, persistent cough, or blood in the sputum, which is a thick mucus-like substance produced by the lungs. Evaluation may be accomplished by collecting sputum, bronchi/bronchiole tissue samples, and cells collected from washing the lining of the bronchi or bronchioles.

Therapeutic procedures are used to remove a foreign body or excessive secretions. Many pulmonary (lung) conditions can be treated on an out-patient basis, however, occasionally patients will require hospitalization to manage their conditions. Northside recognizes this need and provides a medical-surgical and intensive care unit designed to meet the care needs of these patients.

Inpatient Units

Atlanta Campus: Patients are cared for on the 5th central floor but also may be placed on floors 2 through 6 of the hospital.
Forsyth Campus:  Patients are cared for on floors 3 or 4of the hospital.
Cherokee Campus:Patients are cared for on floors 2 and 4 of the hospital.

Procedures/Innovative Services

Bronchoscopy - This test allows the physician to look inside the airways of the lung for abnormalities and take samples of the tissue or secretions to be examined under the microscope. A bronchoscopy can be done to find out why a patient may be coughing up blood (hemoptysis) or why there may be certain changes on a chest x-ray.

Bronchoscopies are performed at all our campus hospitals.

Endoscopic ultrasound of the bronchial tree (EBUS) - This type of test, similar to other ultrasounds, allows the physician to look at the structures surrounding the airways to help determine if signs of cancer are present. These cancers may be lung cancer or cancers from nearby organs like the esophagus or lymph system.

Once a cancer diagnosis is made, this information will help the medical team and patient develop the best treatment plan.

Prior To Your Procedure

You have the option of completing some of your admission documents before you arrive for your GI/Pulmonary Endoscopy Lab procedure.

Patient Pre-Registration Information

Please click on the link above to navigate to the Patient Pre-Registration page. Here you will find additional links, instructions, answers to frequent questions and contact information should you need assistance from a hospital representative.

Patient Data Base Form

Please click on the link above to access the Patient Data Base Form. Please print a copy, complete the requested information about your medical history and medications, then bring this copy with you to your procedure.


Northside Hospital Atlanta

1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 851-8000

Northside Hospital Cherokee

450 Northside Cherokee Blvd.
Canton, GA 30115
(770) 224-1000

Northside Hospital Duluth

3620 Howell Ferry Road
Duluth, GA 30096
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Northside Hospital Forsyth

1200 Northside Forsyth Drive
Cumming, GA 30041
(770) 844-3200

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

1000 Medical Center Blvd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
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