Aftercare Success Program in Duluth

The Aftercare Success Program at the Center for Weight Management

Every weight loss journey is personal, and at the Northside Hospital Surgery & Weight Management Center, we feel support should be, too. Our expert, multidisciplinary team understands that you invest in your health to make changes for long-term success. The Aftercare Success Program (ASP) is a multi-level support program that works with patients to achieve the highest level of weight loss success possible.

Sustainable weight loss and long-term weight management require patient motivation, education, self-awareness and support. All of our bariatric surgery patients are eligible for a free lifetime membership. If you’ve had surgery at another program, and enter our program for on-going surgical care, there is an annual membership fee. If you are a Medical Weight Loss patient, you can also take advantage of all our classes and programs – just call us at 678-312-6200 for pricing information and to enrollment.

Experience Our World-Class Care

Our world-class aftercare program offers each patient the support and guidance to help in achieving long term goals. We provide bariatric surgery patients a wide variety of services under one roof to make the experience with us world-class! Some of the offerings include:

Educational pre-op workshop: Our comprehensive workshop covers what you need to know before and after surgery.

Clothing closet: We understand that buying clothes during rapid weight loss can be overwhelming and costly. To help offset this cost, we offer a free clothing exchange. You can donate your larger sized clothing and also shop for yourself. This allows all of our patients to support each other in their respective weight loss goals. 

Personal Training and Group Activity classes: Our fitness specialist can reframe how you look at exercise. With an emphasis on activity and movement throughout the day, you will learn how to exercise is a fun and safe manner. Individual fitness levels and movement limitations are discussed when developing fitness plans.

Massage therapy services: We offer massage therapy for our patients at deeply discounted rates in a calming suite located in our office. The massage therapy room is a spa-like environment featuring a private changing area, temperature controls, a state-of-the-art sound system and soft, dimmable lighting for relaxation and ambiance.

Life coaching: Classes including Stress Management, Body Image, Improving Self Esteem, Acquiring Happiness and Empowerment workshops help promote healthy lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery.

Support groups: We offer several support groups tailored to specific audiences, but each group focuses on common challenges along the weight loss journey and how to manage them better. Please check our calendar for specific dates and times.

Nutrition classes: You can attend individual or group meetings with our registered dietitian to discuss healthy eating habits and proper nutrition before and after bariatric surgery. This group class meets the same night as the  Monday Night Support Group series.

Cooking classes: These group classes are offered periodically throughout the year and are designed to teach you about developing healthy cooking habits.

Special Menu Card: This card allows you to receive discounted meals in our cafeterias.

For more information about any of these programs, including dates and times of group meetings, call 678-312-6200.