Paying for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery


All insurance carriers and policies have different coverage guidelines and exclusions. We will be happy to contact your insurance company to determine coverage criteria. If you do not have insurance coverage for this type of procedure, we have designed several self-pay options.

Generally, insurance plans require you to meet the following criteria for weight loss surgery to be covered:

  • BMI of more than 40 or more than 35 with a related health condition
  • A documented history of medical weight loss attempts
  • Between two and five years of weight history
  • A psychological evaluation
  • Nutrition counseling

Additional insurance requirements may include a documented three- to six-month medically supervised diet, a blood test to rule out a thyroid disorder or other possible diseases

While insurance will cover a majority of the cost of certain bariatric surgeries, we will meet with you to discuss your benefits and let you know what your insurance will not cover. (e.g., out-of-pocket fees, co-pays and/or deductibles).


While most insurance will cover bariatric surgery, we understand that some will not. In these instances–and for people who do not have insurance–we offer highly competitive rates and several self-payment options.

Financing Bariatric Surgery

Taking on the payment or co-payments for these surgeries is a big investment in your health. We do require payment at the pre-operative visit from all our bariatric surgery patients for self-payment. Our patient advocates will be happy to discuss options with you during your consultation.

For more information about financing bariatric surgery at our Northside Hospital Duluth location, please call 678-312-6200.