Wellness 180 Difference

What Sets Wellness 180 Apart

Our program is a pediatrician-supervised, family-centered program that requires a six-month (180 day) patient/caregiver commitment. The program is for middle school and high school-aged youth (11-17 years of age). 

As a program participant, you and your child can expect a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment from a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts committed to helping your child:

  • Establish and maintain healthy and long-lasting habits
  • Achieve and maintain healthy weight loss
  • Develop a nutrition plan that promotes a healthy relationship with food
  • Establish a positive relationship with health and wellness
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Develop a physical activity plan

How To Get Started

Wellness 180 is only available at our Northside Hospital Surgery & Weight Management Center. To learn more about Wellness 180 or schedule an appointment, call 678-312-6200.