Wellness 180 Team

Meet Our Team

Our expert team has years of experience helping patients achieve success mentally, physically and emotionally. All of our providers are skilled experts with one goal in mind—seeing patients succeed and achieve lasting health and wellness.

  • James Lin, MD, Board-Certified Pediatrician
  • Megan Benoit Ratcliff, Ph.D., Pediatric Clinical Psychologist
  • Raj Parameswaran, LPC, BC-TMH, Professional Counselor
  • Charlene Wilson, MS, RDN, LD, Registered Dietitian 
  • April Alexander, MS,ACSM-EP, Fitness Specialist 
  • Renee Williams, Patient Advocate

How to Get Started

Wellness 180 is only available at the Northside Hospital Surgery & Weight Management Center. To learn more about Wellness 180 or schedule an appointment, call 678-312-6200.