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Transforming Cancer Care: Oncology Nurse Navigators
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Facing cancer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need caring experts in your corner who can bring clarity to your clinical choices.

That’s the whole reason behind Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s dedicated team of oncology nurse navigators (ONN). They’re clinical experts who can explain your cancer, treatment options and survivorship resources. They are a strong communication resource between you and your care team, helping to monitor your overall health and treatment progress.

No matter what kind of cancer you’re confronting, our oncology nurse navigators can help ease your worries through both education and empathy. They take the time to listen and get to know you, working together with your other cancer care specialists.

Our nurse navigators have special training in cancer care. This allows them to quickly spot and address any health-related issues that arise — such as side effects from your cancer treatment. Studies show that cancer nurse navigator programs like Northside’s can improve outcomes by strengthening the way your care team members communicate and work together.

What Is an Oncology Nurse Navigator?

Our oncology nurse navigators — also called cancer nurse navigators — are registered nurses (RNs) who have extensive clinical knowledge about cancer care. Our team can also provide access to cancer resources for emotional and psychological support, including referrals to the best counseling and support groups for your individual needs.

Their specialized nursing experience sets them apart from more general patient navigators who help with non-clinical needs — such as appointment schedules, insurance requirements or transportation issues.

Our oncology nurse navigators are there to guide you and your family along every step of the clinical path. They translate confusing medical jargon into plain language you can understand. They collaborate with your care team and answer your diagnosis and treatment questions. With their support, you can feel confident taking more control of your cancer care decisions.

The Northside Difference

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute wraps multiple layers of support around each and every cancer patient — from experienced doctors and nurses to cancer care liaisons, social workers and more. Together, our comprehensive clinical and non-clinical care teams offer physical, mental and emotional encouragement to patients and their families.

From the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, Northside’s oncology nurse navigators will be there for you. By getting to know you and your family as individuals, they help ensure that the care you receive matches the goals that you and your doctors want to achieve.