Women’s Cancer Care at Northside Hospital Cancer Institute

At Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, you’re never alone in the fight against cancer. You have the strength of our oncology experts and the support of a dedicated care team, all determined to forge new paths to treat and cure women’s cancers.

National Leader in Breast Cancer Care 

We are Georgia’s leader in breast cancer care and we’ve built one of the most extensive breast cancer programs in the country. Our Breast Cancer Program diagnoses and treats more breast cancer patients than any other cancer program in the Southeast, taking care of nearly 2,500 patients every year. Our commitment to providing exceptional breast cancer care with exemplary support services has made us among the top five breast cancer programs in the country and one of the nation’s leading providers of breast cancer services. 

Top Five Gynecologic Oncology Program in the U.S. 

We also rank among the top five community gynecologic oncology programs in the country.  Our Gynecologic Cancer Program diagnoses and treats more new cases of women’s cancers than any other hospital in the state. Our ability to offer expert, specialized care for all types of gynecologic cancers is one of our core strengths and why more women place their trust in us. But that’s not the only reason.

Best-in-Class Cancer Care Experiences

Our experts are on the leading edge of new therapies and clinical research, yet we never forget each patient’s individual needs. At Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, we listen to your concerns, respect your needs and meet your goals by tailoring a meaningful care plan for you. That means you’ll get the right care for your diagnosis.